John Hagee is the author of four New York Times bestsellers, as well as Jerusalem Countdown, which itself has sold over 1 million copies. He is the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a nondenominational evangelical church with more than 20,000 active members, as well as the founder and president of John Hagee Ministries, which telecasts his radio and television teachings throughout America and in 249 nations worldwide. Hagee is also the founder and national chairman of Christians United for Israel, a grassroots national association with over one million members to date.
Hagee's answers to the questions above reveal a pattern of being undiscerning, which reveals he is wicked (Romans 1:31). Hagee is unable to discern that when a man does not believe in the six literal days of creation, that same man does not believe the Bible account of creation. Hagee is unable to discern the simplicity of Scripture on this accord (Genesis 1:31) and is confused calling these matters "complicated." Likewise, Hagee is unable to discern the plain teaching of Scripture regarding the literal 1000 year reign of Christ, stating that it has "not been made clear in the Bible," when in reality, it has (see Revelation 20). Hagee is unable to discern the psychological deceit of this age, as he refers to "low self-esteem" as a bad thing, when in reality, it is a good thing (Matthew 5:3; Philippians 2:3; Isaiah 5:20).
Pretribulational premillennialism (an eschatological position associated with the theological school known as dispensationalism) argues that there will be a tribulation period in which many individuals will be saved, including large numbers of Jewish people, though they will not be part of the church, since Christ will have already come for His church before the Tribulation. (Information about Hagee from other sources reveals he seriously differs with the vast majority of dispensational teachers because he believes that Jewish people do not need to be saved, since they are under a different covenant.) Following the seven-year Tribulation, Christ will return to execute judgment on the enemies of God, afterwards setting up His kingdom on earth, which will last a millennium. Hagee hopes that his book will provide guidance for these people left behind — first, to bring them to salvation and, second, to give them hope.
“Adam and Eve could not walk away from the seductive serpent who enticed them to eat the forbidden fruit, and they lost Eden. Samson could not walk away from Delilah, who seductively lured him into revealing the secret to the anointing God had given him, and he lost his life. Judas could not walk away from thirty pieces of silver, and he lost his soul. Is the Prince of Darkness tempting you with forbidden fruit to lure you away from your blessing? Be like Abram: walk away today!  ”
So, how you get the idea that satan was the first teacher of God’s word, is beyond me. He clearly twisted the word to make Eve sin. If satan was teaching God’s word, he would not have been cursed and then told he was going to be destroyed in the future by the coming Messiah Jesus Christ (Genesis 3:14-15). He lied, because he is the father of lies (John 8:44). And you know God speaks the truth because he can’t lie (Numbers 23:19, Hebrews 6:18). I will pray for you brother. I urge you to search these scriptures I referenced so you can understand God’s truth through his word. May grace, peace and love be multiplied unto you from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord. God bless
"I had read all the Bible verses in Isaiah, Joel, the Gospels, and Revelation where the text talks about the moon turning to blood and the sun to sackcloth. I began to ponder the possibilities of tying the eclipses mentioned in the Bible to the possible coming of the Messiah. Because I love science and astronomy, I decided to look into the future occurrences of eclipses. I remembered that NASA has a list of eclipses that covers 5,000 years, so I went to the website to see what interesting observations I could find. I noticed that there were four total lunar eclipses in a row in 2014 and 2015."
When I said that haSatan was “teaching” Eve, he was and she did learn his ways and he used YHWH’s Words to beguile her. He still uses thousands upon thousands of of “teachers” in denominations and cults, or whatever you want to call them, to “teach” YHWH’s Word to beguile Christians to think they are saved when they are not. He also beguiles people into being believers and not followers. The demons believe He is who He is but they surely are not His followers. They are following the doctrines of human “teachers”, beguiled themselves by a religious spirit.
Secondly, Hagee encourages people away from Jude 3 (contend earnestly for the faith) and onto a damning ecumenical mentality, doctrinal lewdness (Jude 4), that encourages people to "not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved" (2 Thessalonians 2:10). Thus, they will be damned, similar to those in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12. By calling those who "hold various views" "Christians," Hagee calls for people to loosen the loins of their minds (contrary to 1 Peter 1:13), take off the belt of truth (Ephesians 6:14), and discard Christ, the Truth (John 14:6). Anyone who holds a view contrary to the word of God and does not consent (2 Timothy 2:24-26) to what the Bible teaches is proud, knows nothing, and is destitute of the truth (1 Timothy 6:3-5). Such a one is not a Christian, but is a liar (1 John 2:4). The "charity" that is in order for such a one is this: "From such withdraw yourself" (1 Timothy 6:5).
As the final blood moon of 2015 approaches, there is great fervor and excitement about the “Four Blood Moons” predictions of Pastor John Hagee and Mark Biltz. By looking at the coming occurrence of four lunar eclipses that will occur in 2014 and 2015 that will coincide with Jewish Feast days. The Four Blood Moon Theory promotes the idea that these red moons have historically coincided with major events in Jewish history and thus “something will happen” during the current cycle. But is this theory Biblical? Is this something Christians should be concerned about? This article will show that in fact that this theory is a heresy not in line with Biblical prophecy and is actually encouraging practices that the Bible very strictly forbids.
After the television empire that was already reaching around 65 million people was folded into Grace Church of San Antonio—an entity that did not need to report on its financial condition in as much detail as its predecessor—asset growth ballooned. According to tax records of GETV and Grace Church of San Antonio, the surviving entity’s assets more than doubled between 2004 and 2008: $18.4 million to $37.9 million after a period of decline and only slowly increasing donations. Those assets have continued to grow. According to 2018 Bexar County property records, Grace Church of San Antonio and Global Evangelism Inc. have property worth a combined $57.4 million. Hagee himself owns three houses in the San Antonio area.

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Note: Johannes Kepler first determined the mathematical principles necessary to model planetary orbits and published them in 1605. Isaac Newton subsequently published more general laws of gravitation and celestial mechanics in 1687. Before this time, the orbits of gravitating bodies such as planets and moons were not accurately calculable; therefore, the prediction of blood moon eclipses was only attempted by the visual tracking of the sun and moon through their orbits. The occurrence of a blood moon in ancient times would often be a surprise and a tetrad series would be completely unknown. However, now with computer technology to do simultaneous calculations of multiple orbiting bodies, an eclipse of the moon or a series of tetrads can be anticipated with great precision.
Science-oriented Internet sites were inundated with questions about prophecy related to blood moons. “We’re not experts on prophecy of any kind,” wrote EarthSky in April. “But we’ll tell you what we know about the new definition for blood moon that has raised so many questions recently” (April 24). It explained that John Hagee and Mark Biltz apply the term blood moons to the 2014-2015 tetrad, and credited Hagee for popularizing the term in Four Blood Moons. “This book, published in 2013, is apparently what launched all the questions to our astronomy website about blood moons,” EarthSky wrote. “We confess. We haven’t read it.”
The Bible contains prophecies that run through the last day of the Earth and into the New Earth that will be created by The Lord. For a believer to gain understanding of interpreting and rightly dividing Bible prophecy, it should come through study of the Scriptures, not the stars. In Deuteronomy 18, God specially referred to those who are “observer of times” – a term for trying to determine the future by looking at constellations or other heavenly bodies, an abomination. Hagee defends his looking to the stars to tell the future by citing Genesis 1:14 – “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:” Does this verse mean that Christians are supposed to look to the starts to gain knowledge about the future and to interpret a message from God?
Hagee's endorsement of Christmas exemplifies he is, as so many, following the deceit of the Catholic church. Instead of exposing Christmas for what it is (Ephesians 5:11, see our report on Xmas), Hagee encourages people to have Christmas trees and do the very thing, at least in principle, he says God's people did in the past ("God's people were following the customs of the heathen . . . ."). Please note what the Lord told the Israelites in Deuteronomy 12:29-32.
For the unbelievers out there, there are many false denominations and people who claim to be Christians that do not believe the Bible. The vast majority are very easy to identify to anyone who knows the Bible. For instance the Bible clearly teaches that whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved (Rom. 10:13) meaning salvation is by faith alone. Most Christians do not believe this even when they say they do believe it… ask them if a person can live however they want and still be saved and most will say “of course not”… betraying the fact they are still trusting in their own righteousness to save them rather than the finished work of Jesus Christ. (The word ” repent” that gets thrown around so often comes from the same root word we get “pensive” from, thus “re-pent” means to “re-think”.)

Hagee has pretty much based his entire premise on Joel 2:31. It is an end times prophecy that concerns the Day of The Lord – the end times outpouring of God’s wrath on the Earth in the final years before the Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ. It also serves at a time that God will reconcile Israel back to a believing faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Looking at the verse from Joel in context makes it clear that this pertains to the final years of this age:

I don’t get souls. He does. If I convince someone with my persuasive skills someone else can sway them in a different direction later. Words are cheap. If the person I’m interacting hears the Holy Spirit, they will be saved. Peter (Keffa) heard the Holy Spirit. He knew. He still had a lot to learn and to go through but he knew. Flesh and blood evangelization is satanic deception. That’s why there are so many “so called” believers that have no fruit. And so called shepherds not warning them and pushing them out of their comfort zones even if it costs them revenue.
The major sects of organized Christianity cannot help you understand prophecy. Most of today’s so-called Christian leaders reject Bible history and prophecy as an exercise in futility. Few even believe in the return of Jesus Christ and the end of this age. That is the main reason you will not hear sermons on prophecy in the great cathedrals and churches of the Western world.
On a Sunday morning in late June, John Hagee took the stage in his palatial north San Antonio megachurch, his white hair slicked back and his imposing jowls obscuring the upper third of his shirt collar. A month earlier, he’d been one of two American pastors invited to bless the blood-soaked opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. Now, for his audience of a few thousand congregants splayed out in decks like baseball fans, Hagee offered a simple homily: Jerusalem is the preordained capital of Christ’s 1,000-year empire, during which Christians and Jews (or at least some of them) shall live in peace after the unsaved have endured seven years of unspeakable horrors — a glorious end-times scenario for which Donald Trump paved the way by moving the embassy. Got it?
When I said that haSatan was “teaching” Eve, he was and she did learn his ways and he used YHWH’s Words to beguile her. He still uses thousands upon thousands of of “teachers” in denominations and cults, or whatever you want to call them, to “teach” YHWH’s Word to beguile Christians to think they are saved when they are not. He also beguiles people into being believers and not followers. The demons believe He is who He is but they surely are not His followers. They are following the doctrines of human “teachers”, beguiled themselves by a religious spirit.
I don’t follow Mark Biltz, whoever he is. What the four blood moons that are occuring in 2014 & 2015 do is to keep Christians observing things just as Jesus commanded. We are supposed to ‘watch’ and anyone that has noticed that those four blood moons falling all on Jewish high holy days plus a solar eclipse sandwiched in between them also on a Jewish high holy day….cannot help but wonder what this portends. Whether it signals the end of the world and the coming Jesus Christ I do not know…but it’s got my attention that’s for sure.

The truly bad “shepherds” are those that do not preach being “ready” and “sin free” at all.  The really frightening ones are those that preach “prosperity doctrine” and tell you if you “come to their church” you are “on the fast path” to salvation.  And indeed there is a mixture of all these “beliefs” throughout most of the “mega churches” out there.  Yes, probably even Pastor Hagee’s flock.  But we should be praying for the “sheep”.  Our hearts should “cry out” for the “sheep”.  We should be begging our Father to have mercy on those “sheep”.

John Hagee believes in the concept of Pre-tribulation Rapture in which all of God's elected people both dead and alive will rise up into heaven and meet Jesus. He believes that  "the trumpet will sound...the Lord will descend from heaven...the dead will rise...the living will meet the Lord in the clouds" (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18).  Hagee also states that "...the trumpet will sound...the dead will be raised incorruptible (imperishible)...all shall be changed...." (1 Corinthians 15:51-52). Hagee believes that the Rapture is intended to serve as an escape for the elect from the Tribulation and the final destruction of the world.