So you don’t believe haSatan is out there teaching G-d’s Word? Ask any Jehova’s Witness, Mormon, ohyper-Charismatic, Jesuit, New Age guru, any of the splinters of Messianic Judaism or even Judaism, they’ll all teach you. You don’t think it is a good idea to warn seekers with a broken heart to beware of human teachers accusing everyone else who does not share their Theological understanding of His Word a false teacher?
Harold Camping, the Oakland, California-based preacher who wrongly prophesized the coming of the End Times is now gone, but there's no shortage of End Timers out there in America. Anne Lotz Graham, the daughter of the Rev. Billy Graham, recently wrote a column claiming that the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 could be a sign of the coming of The Rapture; a reboot of the Left Behind movie, based on Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins' mega-best-selling Left Behind series of apocalyptic novels, is due in theaters in early October; and now, Pastor John Hagee, the master of his multi-million-dollar domain in San Antonio, Texas, is peddling an End Times book directly linked to "blood moon" eclipses.
It is important that we keep Christ central and our worship of Him unhindered in our observance of Christmas. However, we do not believe it is unbiblical to have a Christmas tree lighted and decorated in the home or the church. It has been suggested that the branches of the tree pointing upward can signify praise to God. The star at the top can represent the star of Bethlehem. Also, the green of the evergreens has been recognized as symbolic of eternal life, God's gift to us through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Hagee has been described as demonizing Muslims and making false claims about Islam, especially through his rhetoric regarding Islam's intolerant and violent nature.[30][31] In his book Jerusalem Countdown, Hagee describes how "Islam not only condones violence; it commands it."[32][33] He has sometimes compared Islam's violent nature with Christianity's loving nature, as when he writes that "Islam instructs its followers to kill their enemies, but Christianity instructs its followers to love their enemies."[32][34] He has described the Quran as teaching Muslims to kill Jews and Christians: for example, in a September 18, 2006, interview on National Public Radio's show Fresh Air, host Terry Gross asked Hagee if he believed that "all Muslims have a mandate to kill Christians and Jews," and Hagee replied: "Well, the Quran teaches that. Yes, it teaches that very clearly."[35][36] John Esposito has described Hagee as "among the most hardcore Islamophobes."[37]
I was somewhat disappointed with this book by Hagee. The majority of the book is not really spent discussing the four blood moons, but rather on a summation of end-time events and what is coming. Hagee would point out that you need that background to understand the significance of the four blood moons. While I understand his point, I would say only 35% of the book is spent on the four blood moons and that was my reason for buying the book. So, for me, the book was interesting and enjoyable when it talked about the four blood moons and great in that it points out another aspect of God's ultimate majesty, control, and awesomeness, but I could only rate it three stars as most of the book was an end time summary which I had already read in other books. So, it was enjoyable and disappointing all at the same time.

According to Morgenstern, the errors are: (1) an allegation that Hagee asserted he was the "discoverer" of the four blood moons phenomenon; (2) an allegation that Hagee does not credit Biltz for his relevant efforts; (3) an implication that Hagee took the term "God's billboard" from Biltz; (4) an allegation that Hagee used inaccurate dates in his discussions of previous tetrads (5) an implication that Biltz is not prominently featured in Hagee's Four Blood Moons film; and (6) an allegation that Hagee supports so-called dual-covenant theology.
In what the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association describes as the largest outreach in its six-decade history, Graham will give a dynamic and poignant pre-recorded message the week of Nov. 7, his 95th birthday. The My Hope programs will be available for viewing online and on YouTube. The Cross, the primary program in the My Hope series, will be broadcast on the Fox News channel, TBN, Christian networks and local television stations in a number of cities.

Pastor Hagee is a world-renowned expert on Bible prophecy. This Four Blood Moons sermon series is something that speaks directly about end times prophecy and how it will affect the Children of God. It is like nothing you have ever heard! If you are wondering how long it will be until the Savior’s return and what we can expect before His arrival, this is the perfect series for you.

In 1977, Christian Zionist groups published ads in major U.S. newspapers in opposition to land concessions before Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s visit to Jerusalem. But their efforts soon began to take a more politically organized shape. As political scientists John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt explained in The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, Israeli military victories and deeper inter-religious ties encouraged Christian evangelicals “to begin working to ensure that the United States was on the ‘right side’ as the Bible’s blueprint for the end-times unfolded.”
Moreover, the matters above also reveal his trust is not in the Bible, but rather in what the "Christian" community is believing. In the answers given, Hagee says, "Christians hold various views" (on creation), "interpreters differ" (on the future), and "people come to different conclusions" (on the holidays). In truth, it does not matter what so-called "Christians" hold to, or what "interpreters differ" on, or what "different conclusions" people come to. What matters is, what does the Bible say? This is what true Christians believe (John 14:23-24). And in regards to John Hagee, and men like him, the Bible says,
The land the Bundys run their cattle on is federally owned. Bundy’s emotional connection to it doesn’t make it his. Two courts rejected Bundy’s claims. The last judge found no merit to his argument: that the land in question should really belong to the state and therefore the blm doesn’t have jurisdiction. Bundy reportedly defended himself in court because no lawyer could make that case.

Most of the book is taken up with a presentation of the premillennialist end times eschatology as popularized by Hal Lindsey and more recently by Tim LaHay. Most of the information on the four blood moons is toward the end of the book. I would have also preferred to see more detail on the four blood moons as this part of the book seems rather thin to me. One part I enjoyed was a recounting of some of the miraculous events that occurred during the Six Days war, which was one of the events that occurred during one of the blood moon sequences.

Chapters 3 and 4 set forth the standard premillennial interpretation of the Book of Daniel’s prophecy of the four kingdoms of the world that precede the Messiah’s establishment of His earthly kingdom with its capital in Jerusalem. The statue in Daniel with the head of gold, arms of silver, thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet of iron and clay refers respectively to the kingdoms of Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, and the final kingdom that is destroyed by the coming of the earthly kingdom of Messiah (33-37). Hagee then correctly identifies the dream of four beasts as a parallel to the dream of the statue (38-41). He avoids specific identification of the kingdoms of Europe (37), which some prophecy teachers have not avoided, usually to their embarrassment.
Celestial bodies light our world and provide a way to track time. We can keep the calendar and know the seasons of the year from the sun, moon and stars. The beauty of outer space and its vastness provide inherent proof of God’s existence and creative power at work. But these truths are a far cry from what Hagee and Biltz are teaching – which is looking to a lunar moon cycle to try and determine future events. In the book of Daniel, the prophet was able to identify and interpret dreams of King Nebuchadnezzar through inspiration of God. When the astrologers and the enchanters failed, the Word of God was true.
Hagee has pretty much based his entire premise on Joel 2:31. It is an end times prophecy that concerns the Day of The Lord – the end times outpouring of God’s wrath on the Earth in the final years before the Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ. It also serves at a time that God will reconcile Israel back to a believing faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Looking at the verse from Joel in context makes it clear that this pertains to the final years of this age:
"The world as we have it at this very present time is a powder keg and the fuse is lit," he warned. "Every player is on the stage for the first time in history that fulfills all of thepropheciess of Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah; they're all there. We're just waiting for the next domino to fall and when it does watch out! It's not going to stop."

I might not agree with everything each individual has stated; however, numerous times in the Bible people were warned of the things to come, both good and bad, and many did not believe. A great example is the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I don’t believe these individuals are “predicting” the future or trying to predict the future; instead, I feel that they are warning Christians and non-Christians to repent from their evil ways because the Lord may choose to come at any time. Why NOT now? In many ways our society seems to possess the evil ways of Sodom and Gomorrah or those of the people of Ninevah. Perhaps God is warning us with the four blood moons that we all need to repent of our evil ways. Afterall, God might be planning to take us one by one, not as an entire nation or world all at once. Either way, it never hurts to always be prepared, and that is what God tells us to do.

Hagee’s statement in 2008 caused the Republican nominee for President, John McCain, to renounce Hagee’s endorsement of his candidacy, as well as an outcry from the Jewish community. It was around this time that Hagee curtailed journalists’ access to him (his spokesperson, Ari Morgenstern, declined to comment for this article). He sought refuge in supporters like Riskin.

After the television empire that was already reaching around 65 million people was folded into Grace Church of San Antonio—an entity that did not need to report on its financial condition in as much detail as its predecessor—asset growth ballooned. According to tax records of GETV and Grace Church of San Antonio, the surviving entity’s assets more than doubled between 2004 and 2008: $18.4 million to $37.9 million after a period of decline and only slowly increasing donations. Those assets have continued to grow. According to 2018 Bexar County property records, Grace Church of San Antonio and Global Evangelism Inc. have property worth a combined $57.4 million. Hagee himself owns three houses in the San Antonio area.
In this devotional study guide, Pastor Hagee challenges readers to further explore the meaning behind blood moons, understand why Christians must recognize these signs that God refers to in Scripture, and absorb their prophetic significance. Ideal for individuals and groups, this devotional study guide combines questions and reflective journaling for deeper meaning and life application.
And as [Jesus] sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. – Matthew 24:3-5.
Citing Daniel 12:4, the charismatic preacher sees the increase of knowledge in our generation as the precursor to the end. Hagee does two things to extract this idea from the text. First, he ignores the context of Daniel 12, which limits the events to the time of first century Israel. Daniel cites a very specific time in the prophecy, namely that which belongs to the time of Israel’s great tribulation and the shattering of the power of the holy people.
“It’s an event that has a proven track record of bringing Christians and Jews together in a non-threatening, non-conversionary environment that promotes genuine brotherly love,” Hagee said. Hagee’s disavowal of proselytizing Jews was quite unusual in the evangelical community when he entered public life. “Hagee essentially modified what most of us would consider traditional fundamentalist teachings in order to be more politically successful,” Dan Hummel explained.

Rather than worry that “something” may happen, we should rest on the more sure word of prophecy that we have in Scripture. Pray for Biltz and Hagee to repent of this false teaching and for Christians to use discernment when the latest prophecy craze is presented before them. Christians should indeed be interested in knowing the future and end time prophecy. But it can all be found in the pages of the Holy Bible.

Furthermore, there have been 62 tetrads since the first century AD, though only eight of them have coincided with both feasts. Additionally, three of the four eclipses in the tetrad were not even visible in the biblical homeland of Israel, casting further doubt on Hagee and Biltz's interpretation; even then, only the very end of the last eclipse was visible in Israel.[1]
John Hagee is right on! We had better be prepared and pray for those who aren’t. Instead of acting pious like the Saducees and Pharisees, we had better humble ourselves before our Lord. We have to pray that God will remove the blinders over our eyes, so we can see what is really happening in the world. The Bible is more current that the evening news. I am just thankful we will be kept out of the the great tribulation.
In ancient Mesopotamia, a lunar eclipse was considered a direct assault on the king. Given their ability to predict an eclipse with reasonable accuracy, they would put in place a proxy king for its duration. Someone considered to be expendable (it was not a popular job,) would pose as the monarch, while the real king would go into hiding and wait for the eclipse to pass. The proxy king would then conveniently disappear, and the old king be reinstated.
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Darrel Issa threatens White House with subpoena – Because that’s what Darrel Issa does: mugs for the cameras and threatens to subpoena people.  If this writer had a dollar for every time Issa has threatened to subpoena someone in the Obama administration, he’d be rich.  If this writer had a dollar for every time Issa actually accomplished something, he’d be broke.
“The connection between Christians and Israel is the Bible. […] Christians are to speak up and to defend the state of Israel. Not to speak is to speak. To see evil and not call it evil, is evil,” said Hagee. “The Jewish people have given to us the patriarchs, the Old Testament prophets. They have given to us the word of God. They have given to us the first family of Christianity: Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. The twelve apostles and Saint Paul. If you take away the Jewish contribution from Christianity, we wouldn’t exist. That’s the connection between Christianity and the Jewish people.”

Celestial event triggers apocalyptic predictions from Evangelicals linking the lunar eclipse to the U.S. Jerusalem embassy move. A rare astronomical event set to take place this week could herald the “end of days,” according to some who have been following the “blood moon” phenomenon, with a number of Evangelical leaders even linking the celestial event to [...]

You will enjoy this sermon by Pastor Matt that paints a picture of the Good Shepherd who wants only the best for his flock. Do you need an anointing in your life? The healing power of God, through the Holy Spirit, can anoint you and heal every wounded place in your life. God has been saying this since the beginning of time. “I am the God who heals.” If you are in need of a special touch today, or know someone who is…let the Psalms found within this sermon saturate and heal the broken pieces of your life.
The truly bad “shepherds” are those that do not preach being “ready” and “sin free” at all.  The really frightening ones are those that preach “prosperity doctrine” and tell you if you “come to their church” you are “on the fast path” to salvation.  And indeed there is a mixture of all these “beliefs” throughout most of the “mega churches” out there.  Yes, probably even Pastor Hagee’s flock.  But we should be praying for the “sheep”.  Our hearts should “cry out” for the “sheep”.  We should be begging our Father to have mercy on those “sheep”.