Many Christians believe they have a relationship with YHVH but they don’t. As far as “who’s in” and “who is not in” when it comes to a relationship with YHVH I have the same answer. That is above my pay grade! Who am I to say who has a relationship with YHVH and who doesn’t? I am not the door keeper. I don’t know people’s hearts and who am I to say to YHVH who is allowed in the Olam Haba (the age of the Messiah) and who is not. Sorry but that authority was not given to me neither would I want it.
“..for “signs” of good and bad weather; for the times of ploughing, sowing, reaping, &c. and for the “seasons” of summer and winter, spring and autumn; for “days” by a circular motion for the space of twenty four hours; and for “years” by annual motion for the space of three hundred sixty five days and odd hours. The Targum of Jonathan is, and let them be for signs and the times of the feasts, and to reckon with them the number of days, and, sanctify the beginnings of the months, and the beginnings of the years, and the intercalations of months and years, the revolutions of the sun, and the new moons, and cycles.” (source).
“There are three categories of people, the hopelessly unaware, Coincidence Theorists and Conspiracy Theorists. Don’t bother with the hopelessly unaware, they are too involved in watching Duck Dynasty, South Beach Towing and Jerry Springer. The Coincidence Theorists explain away every misdeed on the part of the government as bad luck, a coincidence or simply an accident. And of course, Conspiracy Theorists see the potential for criminal gain through collective action. Conspiracy theorists look for the intent of the people behind an event.”
Those who are being called out of “organized religion” are being called out to obey YHWH’s word, not just study it. Shema does not translate well to English. When you do the Passover, not the “Rabbinic” but the biblical way, followed by 7 days of getting the leaven of man made doctrines and keeping His high days, YHWH’s Spirit will teach and transform you. When YHWH’s begotten said that we should let no man be our teacher he had a reason. If you are in a covenant relationship with Him you have access to Him, so why ask me or anyone else when you can ask Him directly. Shalom Aleikhem.
Hagee prognosticates that Rabin’s death will cause Israel to move more toward peace and eventually even the surrender of the Golan Heights (11). Moreover, he projects that Israel’s and the world’s reaction to the death of Rabin will force this peace process to escalate (13-14, 28-30), and predicts that Rabin’s successor as Prime Minister will be Shimon Peres (8-9). For this he relied on poll results that indicated that Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu trailed Peres by 31 percent (8). Of course, Netanyahu did win the election. If Hagee could be so wrong about an event so close at hand, we may well question his more far-reaching predictions.

Another central passage is 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 which talks about believers being 'caught up' to meet Jesus 'in the air'. The interpretation of this passage is that this ‘Rapture’ is a silent and stealthy affair as Jesus comes to collect his people and goes back to heaven. There are a number of problems with this view. Firstly the passage is probably the noisiest in the Bible! There are trumpets, shouting archangels and absolutely no mention of us returning with Jesus to heaven.

You should read through chapters 6, 8, 9 and 11 at this point to familiarize yourself with these seals. They tell you what will happen on the Earth and in the heavens right up until the time of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. However, the symbols do not make the events plain! Don’t give up and don’t despair—there is another important key you must use.
Many Christians believe they have a relationship with YHVH but they don’t. As far as “who’s in” and “who is not in” when it comes to a relationship with YHVH I have the same answer. That is above my pay grade! Who am I to say who has a relationship with YHVH and who doesn’t? I am not the door keeper. I don’t know people’s hearts and who am I to say to YHVH who is allowed in the Olam Haba (the age of the Messiah) and who is not. Sorry but that authority was not given to me neither would I want it.
People ignored the First Amendment corrals anyway. Confrontations resulted. In the age of camera phones, it definitely didn’t make the bureau look good. YouTube videos show blm officers tasering, physically assaulting, pointing guns at and siccing an attack dog on protesters. One 50-year-old woman was football tackled from behind when she refused to move from in front of a truck. Some of the protesters didn’t act so civilly either.
What is most despicable about the Hebrew Roots movement is that they give Christians and excuse to throw out the baby with the dirty bathwater. The chair of Moses, all over again. It was never Moses, it was the Spirit that inspired him they couldn’t hear. They could only hear the words of the Babylonian theologians. A Haggadah isn’t even Hebrew in origin. I am not trying to convince you or anyone of anything. I am just suggesting that when we examine what we think we know, sometimes we can be surprised with what we can learn. The problem with knowledge, is that once we have it, we are responsible to obey. Obey… there is that nasty old testament word again.
The articles presented here are in order and presented as I have learned new things. Some of the conclusions drawn in older articles may not match the newer conclusions in recent articles. This is because I do not have an agenda and only want to present the truth, as best as possible, for the saving of souls for Jesus Christ. Write me at if you have questions, in Jesus Name.
A church member gave him the two books — “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “Daddy’s Roommate” — and then Mr. Jeffress sent a $54 check to the library for the cost of the books. “We wanted to highlight the problem in our community,” Mr. Jeffress told The Associated Press in May 1998. “I really hope people will look at the book and see what their tax dollars are supporting.”
It’s not surprising that the establishment of modern-day Israel in 1948 and its capture of Jerusalem in 1967 energized this movement. The theology was popularized in the huge-selling Dispensationalist book “The Late Great Planet Earth” (1970) and “Left Behind” novels (1995-2007), with related movies. Important pro-Israel preachers include San Antonio’s John Hagee, whose Christians United for Israel reports a membership of 5 million. Numerous books have used the Dispensationalist scenario to falsely link current world events with the End Times.
However, ESI’s original petition indicated that they did not hear from Hagee for the rest of 2003 despite repeated attempts at contact. By June of 2006, according to court records, Hagee was working on a deal with media mogul Rupert Murdoch for 24-hour access to a television station to market Judeo-Christian religious products, including ESI’s Dead Sea products. The deal did not close.
In what the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association describes as the largest outreach in its six-decade history, Graham will give a dynamic and poignant pre-recorded message the week of Nov. 7, his 95th birthday. The My Hope programs will be available for viewing online and on YouTube. The Cross, the primary program in the My Hope series, will be broadcast on the Fox News channel, TBN, Christian networks and local television stations in a number of cities.
Does this mean that the Blood Moons of 2014-2015 mean nothing? No, not necessarily; it may in fact be a sign to Israel that a major event will occur. However, we can’t know that for certain based upon Biblical prophecy, so the best that we can do is to watch what happens and stay alert for the unfolding of End Times events. In other words, don’t put too much stake in blood moon prophecies, but don’t ignore these events either. If by the end of 2015 nothing more of any significance has happened, then it is likely that the latest blood moons were just a coincidence and not a sign from God.
6. Day of Atonement (Leviticus 23:27) – Many believe this prophetically points to the day of the Second Coming of Jesus when He will return to earth. That will be the Day of Atonement for the Jewish remnant when they “look upon Him whom they have pierced,” repent of their sins, and receive Him as their Messiah (Zechariah 12:10 and Romans 11:1-6, 25-36).

There are natural laws and supernatural laws. You will enjoy this sermon series with Pastor Hagee as he describes how to bring joy into your life in a dimension you have never before known through the miracle-working power of Jesus Christ. When you meet God’s supernatural requirements, the only thing that can happen is a miracle…and nothing is impossible with God. Learn what a miracle looks like and how to cry out to God and invite him to be the Lord and Master of your situation. He is still in the miracle-working business!

This is when this story changes from one about a stubborn rancher refusing to comply with a law he sees as unjust, to one about an increasingly militarized government, and politicians that selectively enforce the law. It becomes a story about militias and people willing to travel across the country and put their lives on the line to defend a rancher they have never met—and a nation primed to erupt with racial violence.

Hagee, like any savvy preacher depending on his flock for ongoing financial largesse, always hedges his bets. Not wanting to be associated with the false prophesies, nasty publicity, and outright zaniness of someone like Harold Camping, Hagee is careful to couch his apocalyptic warnings in more nuanced "someday the end of days will come" rhetoric. This way, he gets to spout End Times warnings and still retain plausible deniability.
Did Bundy say some offensive things? No doubt. But is he a racist? I don’t know. I have never met the man. The New York Times writer vilifying him and misrepresenting his words doesn’t know either. Nor do all the media outlets and talk show hosts who jumped all over his comments. I do know that the full transcript of his speech doesn’t indicate what cnn indicates.
“The final act of the Book of Revelations is going to take place right here,” said the Rev. Irvin Baxter, founder of Texas-based Endtime Ministries. He stood on a hill in the Israeli town of Megiddo, overlooking a vast stretch of the Holy Land. Irvin, whose tour was captured by Vice News, told several dozen rapture-ready Americans: “The word ‘Armageddon’ is actually two words: Har Megiddo, or hill of Megiddo. You are standing on the hill of Megiddo right now. And when Israel’s about to be defeated, the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ himself will intervene. He is going to defeat the Antichrist; he is going to defeat the false prophet. Both of them will be cast alive into the lake of fire. At that time Satan is going to be bound for the next 1,000 years. And we are going to crown Jesus Christ as king of kings, and lord or lords.”
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You will enjoy this sermon by Pastor Matt that paints a picture of the Good Shepherd who wants only the best for his flock. Do you need an anointing in your life? The healing power of God, through the Holy Spirit, can anoint you and heal every wounded place in your life. God has been saying this since the beginning of time. “I am the God who heals.” If you are in need of a special touch today, or know someone who is…let the Psalms found within this sermon saturate and heal the broken pieces of your life.

An award-winning journalist at the Los Angeles Daily News, The Press-Enterprise and other newspapers for two decades, Troy Anderson writes for Reuters, WND, Charisma and many other media outlets. He’s also the president and editor-in-chief of the World Prophecy Network – An Online Newsmagazine and Community Spreading the Hope of Jesus in the End Times. He lives in Irvine, Calif.

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“I searched the Scriptures for a new revelation with that specific question in mind and came to two verses that shouted out to me!” Hagee continues. He then quotes Joel 2:31 and Acts 2:20 (which is the Apostle Peter’s quote of Joel 2:31). Explains Hagee, “The sun, moon and stars are unmistakably connected to Israel and biblical prophecy—and that connection inspired this book. God will use them to light up the heavens with an urgent, top-priority message for all mankind.”
“Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation,” warned Peter (verse 20). Be careful what you read prophetically. Believe God and His Word, rather than giving heed to some man who thinks he knows. Then you will be able to follow Jesus Christ’s admonition with absolute confidence, “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28).
In my utterly humble and shaken opinion, what I am about to present to you is the single most ASTONISHING piece of information Tribulation-Now has ever published.  Many will not grasp the significance.  This is understandable.  Many will “pass judgement” upon Pastor Hagee, and for that my heart is saddened.  Nobody is perfect.  And without utter humility many will not be found worthy to stand before the Son of Man.