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Something dangerous has seized America—far deadlier than people want to believe. The Bible says there is a spiritual dimension to this trend, and you cannot understand these events unless you recognize it. Ultimately, this isn’t about any man or administration: It’s about an evil spirit working to destroy this nation, and why God is allowing it to happen.
Hagee would have his readers and followers believe that the blood moon, which is a lunar eclipse, is what is being described in Joel 2:31. In fact it is not. As explained above a blood moon is a total lunar eclipse – a moment when the Earth comes between the sun and the moon, putting the moon in a complete shadow. The moon during a lunar eclipse appears red in color because of the way light bends around the earth’s atmosphere, scattering short wavelength light (green through violet) and leaving longer wavelength light (red, orange and yellow). It’s why sunsets and sunrises generally are red. During the 20th century, there were 229 lunar eclipses and 85 of those were complete lunar eclipses which lead to the “blood moon.”
I am praying for you also, and for more teachers than you can imagine, because teachers are held to even a higher standard. I can’t even keep the lower one. In my experience, I have stopped turning to human teachers, to the internet, and I’ve even repented of reading too many books and have changed it to reading mostly one book, many versions and now I’m going to Hebrew and Greek texts. I take what I think I learned to Him, to His breaking heart over a fallen world too busy hearing itself. He breaks my heart every time I do and it needs to keep breaking every day.
I think Hagee shares too much of his own opinion and interprets the Bible his own way. His timing of the recent Shemitahs doesn't rightly (or 100%) line up with all of the events in American. He is also a solid believer in the Pre-tribulational Rapture...which I am not. This discounts for me some of the stuff he writes. Toward the end of the book, I was tending toward just taking with a grain of salt everything he said. Integrity is important to keep the reader hanging on. He has too many anomalies in this thinking. Just doesn't add up.
I don’t get souls. He does. If I convince someone with my persuasive skills someone else can sway them in a different direction later. Words are cheap. If the person I’m interacting hears the Holy Spirit, they will be saved. Peter (Keffa) heard the Holy Spirit. He knew. He still had a lot to learn and to go through but he knew. Flesh and blood evangelization is satanic deception. That’s why there are so many “so called” believers that have no fruit. And so called shepherds not warning them and pushing them out of their comfort zones even if it costs them revenue.
In April 2018, the Jewish News Syndicate in partnership with the Israel Embassy in Washington DC released a list of the 70 greatest American contributors to the US-Israel relationship in honor of the upcoming 70th anniversary of Israel's declaration of independence in 1948. On the list, Hagee was awarded the position of 27 out of 70 for his work raising over 100 million dollars for Jewish and Israeli charities and founding Christians United for Israel, the largest pro-Israel organization in America with over 4 million members.[19] On May 14, 2018, while Hagee was in Jerusalem for the opening ceremony of the US Embassy, his son Matt Hagee accepted the Israeli Embassy's award on his father's behalf in a private Washington DC ceremony.[20]
If one strives for intellectual honesty it is nearly impossible to reconcile some of the passages in the Bible with the infantile, self-obsessed doctrines men have been manufacturing as of late. With each passing year it seems the focus on the self becomes all the more laser like, while the focus on Jesus is almost nonexistent. Jesus has become optional for many professing believers. He has become something to be taken or left depending upon the mood they happen to be in that day, or whether or not Jesus convicted the particular sin they are about to partake of.
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I Thess. 4:16-18 says "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:  Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the cloud, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.  Wherefore comfort one another with these words."   We believe that Jesus will literally descend from heaven; there literally will be the shout of an angel and the blast of a trumpet.  The dead will literally rise first, and those who are alive at the time of Christ's return and believe in Him for their salvation will literally be caught up together with Him to meet Him in the air, "and so shall we ever be with the Lord."
But is Bundy really the evil, cold-hearted racist he is made out to be? Notice what Bundy also said that was not reported by the Times: “[A]nd so what I’ve testified to you—I was in the Watts riot, I seen the beginning fire and I seen that last fire. What I seen is civil disturbance. People are not happy, people are thinking they don’t have their freedoms, they didn’t have these things, and they didn’t have them.
Wow this is looking really good to pagans. Lets all be exactly right about everything and each of us can make a blog or website and tell everyone we are the cat’s meow. Hey, you might get somebody to agree and unite Christianity through rebuking the mindless hordes who pray to God daily. Yep. Ignorant, dumb, stupid people with small brains and terrible understandings of Scripture can still be saved because the have faith. Faith is not knowledge it is trust practiced. So if I see John 3:16 in a terrible translation of the Bible, say a New World Translation which is a cult translation, and believe that Jesus is promising me salvation and my simple, stupid, slightly retarded mind can comprehend the magnitude of a god becoming a man for argumentative scholars who now more than anyone ever has, my stupid, slow, barely functioning, incapacitated mind will be at ease because I took Christ at His word even though I’m uneducated, raised by liberals, and unable to speak well in front of others due to self esteem. My worthless mind will still be loved by a holy, loving, just God who just wants as many as possible to go to heaven because He does not enjoy the death of the wicked. So cults, idiots and people, who are really insane by nature (illogical creatures of self will) if those mongrels actually believe John 3:16 and take Christ at His word and really trust Him though they are slow, dumb and should be caged and fed only on occasion, these mongrels trusted God so He will save the mindless savage beasts who love Him and take Him at His word. Praise God. Though it is true God’s people die for a lack of knowledge, but knowledge puffs up and love edifies. So love more than you think you know, because Love is a logical, conceptual, integral part of schematics and all the theological basis of how to exercise compassion through what? Knowledge…surely not! Through loving people and knowing that no matter how illogically mindless they are they are worth love and deserve respect because even and educated theologian who knows more that all of his parishoners is a sinner and needs to trust God irregardless of his big ideas, theories, interpretations or lockdown on the Bible itself which so many claim to have. I wisely do not claim to have it and know I am more stupid than any man, most definitely a homegrown, imbread, city wanderer who wouldn’t even know how to breathe unless someone wrote a theological treatise on it discussing the varying methods with weight, justice and the American way! Amen and God bless theologians above all because they and only they know what scripture really means. They are the leaders of our cult because their interpretation is binding and unquestionable in all ways. Praise God for them!
“The correlation between (the blood moons) and the Hebrew holidays are very interesting,” Cahn said. “The occurrence of the blood moons on these Jewish holidays occurred only a few times in the past 2,000 years. Some of these, in the early Middle Ages, are hard to connect to significant dates. But the last three, the Spanish expulsion, the birth of Israel and the regaining of Jerusalem, are all very significant dates in Jewish history and, in the case of two of these, in end-time prophecy.”
So, by using the term “blood moon," we are combining superstition with science, just as the Hindu folktale of Rahu provides a legendary description of lunar orbital mechanics. The “blood moon” attracts interest in the sky and lunar eclipses, but rather than awaiting doom and destruction we can better view it along the lines of the Islamic interpretation—as a monumental illustration of the fascinating and real motions of our solar system.

3- What’s the endgame?  Why does the Corporate Media expend such a large amount of their resources (and almost all Alternate Media is controlled by them) talking about what is supposedly a top-secret plan of the Luciferians: the introduction of the worldwide New World Order?  Why has every US president for the last 100 years made public statements concerning this coming scenario?  Why advertise it?

Hagee is a compelling writer (far more than Biltz's Blood Moons book), and at times his enthusiasm is contagious. But despite his insistence that this work is based on Scripture, he has two glaring errors: (1) the Scriptures he notes have additional signs as well (such as the stars going dark) for which he does not account, and (2) nowhere does Scripture say that four consecutive lunar eclipses is significant--this is an occurrence he has decided must have importance due to its rarity. Furthermore, the Joel 2 and Revelation 6 prophecies seem to be speaking of a singular event, not a recurring event.
Some in the evangelical community have accused Hagee of heresy for not sticking to that story. In his 2007 book, In Defense of Israel, he argued that Jesus did not present himself as the Messiah to Jews, which means Jews cannot be held responsible for rejecting him as their savior. “It was Jesus who rejected the Jewish desire for him to be their Messiah,” he wrote. Hagee was accused of preaching the “dual covenant error”: the notion that Jews are saved through their own covenant with God and do not need Jesus to save them.
In 1977, Christian Zionist groups published ads in major U.S. newspapers in opposition to land concessions before Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s visit to Jerusalem. But their efforts soon began to take a more politically organized shape. As political scientists John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt explained in The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, Israeli military victories and deeper inter-religious ties encouraged Christian evangelicals “to begin working to ensure that the United States was on the ‘right side’ as the Bible’s blueprint for the end-times unfolded.”

Science-oriented Internet sites were inundated with questions about prophecy related to blood moons. “We’re not experts on prophecy of any kind,” wrote EarthSky in April. “But we’ll tell you what we know about the new definition for blood moon that has raised so many questions recently” (April 24). It explained that John Hagee and Mark Biltz apply the term blood moons to the 2014-2015 tetrad, and credited Hagee for popularizing the term in Four Blood Moons. “This book, published in 2013, is apparently what launched all the questions to our astronomy website about blood moons,” EarthSky wrote. “We confess. We haven’t read it.”
An award-winning journalist at the Los Angeles Daily News, The Press-Enterprise and other newspapers for two decades, Troy Anderson writes for Reuters, WND, Charisma and many other media outlets. He’s also the president and editor-in-chief of the World Prophecy Network – An Online Newsmagazine and Community Spreading the Hope of Jesus in the End Times. He lives in Irvine, Calif.
When I said that haSatan was “teaching” Eve, he was and she did learn his ways and he used YHWH’s Words to beguile her. He still uses thousands upon thousands of of “teachers” in denominations and cults, or whatever you want to call them, to “teach” YHWH’s Word to beguile Christians to think they are saved when they are not. He also beguiles people into being believers and not followers. The demons believe He is who He is but they surely are not His followers. They are following the doctrines of human “teachers”, beguiled themselves by a religious spirit.
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The setting is proclaimed in verse 1: this is the Day of The Lord -thus it is in the end times. For more information on this, please see our article “The Day of The Lord – The Event That Starts The End of The World”, where we go into detail though all of the Old Testament references to Day of The Lord that confirm that it is and end times period after the Rapture and before the Second Coming of Christ to Earth. It is a very specific time where God will judge the unbelieving world with a series of supernatural punishments.
This event introduces the time period known as the Day of the Lord, which is the seventh seal. This is a separate event from the Great Tribulation. During this one-year period, God unleashes His wrath on a sinful world in the form of the seven trumpet plagues discussed in Revelation 8, 9 and 11. It is His way of showing all mankind left living that they need to repent of their wicked ways and turn to Him.
I remember how Tim LaHaye's 1972 book The Beginning of the End predicted that people who had been alive since 1914 would experience the Rapture. The book didn’t do that well and it was quietly forgotten. The 1914 prediction never reappeared in his writing or speaking. But when looking at LaHaye’s Rapture theology it's worth considering not just his writings, but two of the key Bible passages he used to support Dispensationalism. 

This past April 15, the first of four unusual lunar eclipses began. They will occur at approximately six-month intervals—the next being October 8, then April 4 and September 28 of next year—and will be visible across North America. Astronomers call this a lunar eclipse tetrad. The last tetrad occurred over 2003 and 2004. Eight more such tetrads will occur before the year 2100.
I thank you for praying for me, I do need your prayers and I will keep you in mine, along with many other Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Messianic and Orthodox Rabbis and even New Age gurus. I can’t convince, nor do I want to. Trying to talk religion to people who have YHWH figured out is like trying to tell a Green Bay Packer fan that he’s got the wrong team.
Brother, I don’t judge you for following these feasts. But is only belief in Jesus Christ that gives you salvation (John 14:6, John 10:7-11, John 3:16, 1 John 5:11-13, Acts 4:12, Ephesians 2:4-9, please seek more!). My point is, that you might be struggling because you are not looking to Christ who did everything perfectly, remember he said “it is finished” for a reason (John 19:28-30). Everything thing was finished on Calvsry’s Cross, Amen and Amen! Jesus finished every feast, every Jewish tradition, every ounce of the law in his life, ministry, death and ressurection. If you follow Christ, you will in turn follow every feast mentioned in this comment. Again Louis, I will keep praying for you brother, that God will help you through all you struggles. May grace, peace and mercy be multiplied unto you from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord! Amen and God bless.
Some in the evangelical community have accused Hagee of heresy for not sticking to that story. In his 2007 book, In Defense of Israel, he argued that Jesus did not present himself as the Messiah to Jews, which means Jews cannot be held responsible for rejecting him as their savior. “It was Jesus who rejected the Jewish desire for him to be their Messiah,” he wrote. Hagee was accused of preaching the “dual covenant error”: the notion that Jews are saved through their own covenant with God and do not need Jesus to save them.

First of all, it is not complicated. The Bible clearly says "six days" and it means "six days." The Bible clearly says, "and there was evening and morning" six times over for each day! Hagee makes that which is simple into a complicated matter. Why? Because he doesn't believe the Bible. Matters can become quite complicated when the Bible is not believed. Hagee does not abide in the doctrine of Christ, the teaching of the Word.
Another significant event during this recent tetrad was the signing on July 14, 2015 of an international agreement with Iran over their nuclear program. This agreement was fiercely opposed by Israel, because Iran has sworn to destroy the Jewish nation. However, the Bible predicts in Ezekiel 38-39 that in the Last Days a powerful nation will attack Israel from out of the north. These prophecies were discussed in the sections on World War III and correlated to the nation of Russia. Ezekiel predicts that one of the allies of Russia during this attack will be Persia, which is modern day Iran. Iran is moving to be a nuclear power and a strong ally of Russia, just as the prophecies predict. The signing of this agreement with Iran virtually assures that they will continue on this path until the final battles of the End Times occur.
However, it is not just the occurrence or presence of blood moons in general that makes them important signs. There have been other recent tetrads that didn’t correlate to any major events in the world or to Jewish feast days or events associated with Israel (i.e., the tetrad of 2003-2004 and the tetrad of 1985-1986), so we must be careful not to ascribe special significance to every tetrad of full moon eclipses. In addition, we should remember that there are no verses in the Bible that associate blood moon tetrads with any definite prophetic signals related to Israel, so these events are not strictly related to End Times prophecies.
Their coming-out party was May 14, at the dedication of the newly relocated U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. “Let the name of the Lord be glorified today,” the Rev. Hagee proclaimed in his benediction, facing the assembled strange bedfellows of right-wing rabbis, U.S. senators and congressmen, settlement bankroller Sheldon Adelson, Israeli Likudniks and fellow Christian Zionists. “For the defender of Israel today, tomorrow and forever, is here. Can we all shout hallelujah?”
“Do you realize how deadly dangerous this trend of lawlessness is?” asks Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry. “Very few people do. But it gives profound insight into the real nature of the threat facing America today. … This trend toward lawlessness is deadly! And I guarantee, based on biblical prophecy, that it is going to get far worse” (America Under Attack).
“The connection between Christians and Israel is the Bible. […] Christians are to speak up and to defend the state of Israel. Not to speak is to speak. To see evil and not call it evil, is evil,” said Hagee. “The Jewish people have given to us the patriarchs, the Old Testament prophets. They have given to us the word of God. They have given to us the first family of Christianity: Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. The twelve apostles and Saint Paul. If you take away the Jewish contribution from Christianity, we wouldn’t exist. That’s the connection between Christianity and the Jewish people.”

The Word of G-d is clear: Don’t mix the clean with the unclean. The Word of G-d is not only clean it is separate.The book about the tetrads is a theory, it is interesting, it takes the focus out of the greco-roman worldview the Church was infected with and brings us to consider the Word of G-din its original Hebraic context. Sadly, the Hebraic Roots flavor of Bible interpretation immediately became infected by Babylonian Talmudic Judaism. The Torah tells us we need two witnesses. I’ll give you the ones I trust. His Word and His Spirit. I take everything else with a grain of salt. Whenever I doubt, I know Whom to ask. He always leads me to the right pasture. Blessed b He.

Although I find that your reply is condescending, as if I didn’t know the scriptures you quoted, I do apologize for the tone of my post. I am repulsed by the thousands upon thousands of “Christian” teachers around the world in English, Spanish, and German, the only languages I’m comfortable in, that keep pushing their “superior” or “correct” but really their own understanding of the Scriptures instead of pushing people to push other people to get closer to Him so He can teach them. In Christ we have one head and one Teacher. He can teach me better than you, any pastor, or prophet can.

For any of the 30,000 + denominations of “Christians” a heretic is anyone who does not agree with their particular flavor of Constantine’s first attempt at a one world religion. By the fruit I know the tree. A tree with 31,000 + branches vilifying each other is no the tree of the ONE who said we would recognize His “taught ones” (not College educated “Doctors in Divinity” and theologians) by the love for each other. The respect for each other’s walk in the first century are the antithesis of what I see on the web and in the “Christian Industry” that sells help, advise, and care. The first teacher in the Scriptures who was explaining what G-d really meant was ha-Satan. So called “teachers” might meditate on this and also maybe consider if the pillars of their faith are nothing more than idols to their own understanding.
In the same sermon, Hagee argued that a “new world order is right now organizing riots in the streets of America,” and that same order is intent on flooding the United States with illegal immigrants. Immigration, he said, “will produce millions of welfare deadbeats demanding all of these free things. It will be a socialist chaos that will destroy America. It will lead to the destruction of our economy, and a dictatorship.”
Hagee is promoting his latest Apocalypse-mongering book, Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change. If you want the Cliff Notes version, basically, we are all going to go broke and die in a rain of hellfire, similar to the rain and hellfire he predicted in his 2007 book Jerusalem Countdown that never happened. Hagee stated that lunar eclipses that have occurred on Jewish feast days are a sign that "something dramatic [will] happen in the Middle East involving Israel that will change the course of history in the Middle East and impact the whole world."