The thing is that the blood moon/eclipse occurrences is not the only sign we are getting. You have Johnathan Cahn’s teachings on the shmita and the Isaiah harbinger prophecies. The world around us is falling apart. I had a Rapture dream in August, and the church I go to does not believe in the Rapture. I was a registered nurse, I was assaulted and became an addict. I lost everything and ended up using IV drugs. A couple years ago, I started going to church. I was still using and after about 6 months, I got up one morning prayed and proceeded to do a pain pill. I got the needle to my arm and I heard “You do not need that I have saved you”. That is when the spiritual attacks started. My husband passed last March, GOD gave me a warning dream, so I knew I would not be alone and gave it all to him. A month after he passed, I was lead to a man on y/t codesearcher dot net. He is a spirit filled Christian, he does Bible code. He does not use it for divination like most, he references the hidden messages with the plain text. He uses it for confirmation of the prophecies found in the Bible related to these last days. There is a table on the blood moons and the feast days (which are prophetic in nature and the Spring Feasts being fulfilled with Jesus crucifixion and resurrection). Here is a link to his tables, like I said he is on y/t as well. GOD bless
That same afternoon in 2017, Hagee described the next phase in reshaping Israel’s history: moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. He had recently met with President Trump in the Oval Office. “Do you think the Arabs would go to war if I recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?” Hagee recalled Trump asking him. “No sir, I think it will be exactly the opposite. I think your pronouncing that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel will make the cause of peace be advanced,” Hagee responded.
Mr. Armstrong explained, “And now I want you to realize a most important fact, bearing on our problem, which most of you never realized before. Haven’t you supposed, along with nearly everyone else, that Jesus spoke in parables in order to make His meaning clearer—as a sort of illustration, so that people would better understand His meaning? Well, you have supposed wrong! On the contrary, believe it or not, Jesus spoke in parables to cover up, to hide the true meaning from the crowds that constantly followed Him! This knowledge puts in our hands the key that will unlock these symbols of the book of Revelation” (ibid). Study Matthew 13:1-13 to prove what Mr. Armstrong teaches here. Pay particular attention to verse 11.
According to Religion News Service, Hagee's book, "Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change," "says something will happen to the nation of Israel due to the tetrad [four blood moons within 18 months]. The four eclipses occur on April 15 and Oct. 8, 2014, and April 4 and Sept. 28 next year. The ones in April occur during Passover, and the ones in October occur during the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles."
Hagee, along with pastor Mark Biltz, promoted the blood moon prophecy. Hagee wrote about the prediction in his 2013 book, "Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change." The prophecy stated that a tetrad which began with the April 2014 lunar eclipse was a sign of the end times as described in the Bible. The tetrad ended with the lunar eclipse on September 27–28, 2015. Hagee and Biltz's speculations did gain mainstream media attention in publications such as USA Today and The Washington Post.[38][39] The prediction was criticized by both scientific sources and other Christians.[40][41][42]
Satan is a defeated foe! Jesus Christ is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He is the Mighty One of Israel. He is the once and soon-coming King! Are you ready, Church? Our time is growing short! While no man knows the day nor the hour…all of the major players are walking onto the world stage. I believe that we are literally watching Bible prophecy unfold before our very eyes.
Hagree graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio with a Bachelor of Science in History and Education in 1964. He was on a football scholarship and appeared on the academic dean's List. Hagee received a master's degree in educational administration from the University of North Texas in Denton in 1966 and completed his theological training at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie.[2]
“In the book of Genesis He is the Seed of the Woman. In the book of Exodus He is our Passover Lamb. In the book of Ruth He is our Kinsman Redeemer. In the book of Psalms He is our Shepherd. In the book of Isaiah He is our Prince of Peace. In the book of John He is the Son of God. In the book of Acts He is the Holy Ghost. In the book of Hebrews He is the Blood of the Everlasting Covenant. In the book of James He is the Great Physician. And in the book of Revelation He is the King of kings and Lord of lords!”
Although I find that your reply is condescending, as if I didn’t know the scriptures you quoted, I do apologize for the tone of my post. I am repulsed by the thousands upon thousands of “Christian” teachers around the world in English, Spanish, and German, the only languages I’m comfortable in, that keep pushing their “superior” or “correct” but really their own understanding of the Scriptures instead of pushing people to push other people to get closer to Him so He can teach them. In Christ we have one head and one Teacher. He can teach me better than you, any pastor, or prophet can.

It is important that we keep Christ central and our worship of Him unhindered in our observance of Christmas. However, we do not believe it is unbiblical to have a Christmas tree lighted and decorated in the home or the church. It has been suggested that the branches of the tree pointing upward can signify praise to God. The star at the top can represent the star of Bethlehem. Also, the green of the evergreens has been recognized as symbolic of eternal life, God's gift to us through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Darrel Issa threatens White House with subpoena – Because that’s what Darrel Issa does: mugs for the cameras and threatens to subpoena people.  If this writer had a dollar for every time Issa has threatened to subpoena someone in the Obama administration, he’d be rich.  If this writer had a dollar for every time Issa actually accomplished something, he’d be broke.
Few Christians would dispute that general idea, which is reflected in the very terms “Old Testament” and “New Testament.” But Dispensationalist doctrine  proposes sharp divisions of human history into three, four, seven or eight dispensations. One prevalent scenario depicts seven phases: Innocence (Adam and Eve before the Fall into sin), Conscience (after Eden through Noah’s Flood), Civil (government after the Flood), Promise (the patriarch Abraham till Moses), Law (Moses the law-giver through Jesus’ crucifixion), Grace (the present era after the crucifixion), and Kingdom (the End Times and Christ’s 1,000-year reign). Dallas seminary says the Bible focuses especially on those final three.
People ignored the First Amendment corrals anyway. Confrontations resulted. In the age of camera phones, it definitely didn’t make the bureau look good. YouTube videos show blm officers tasering, physically assaulting, pointing guns at and siccing an attack dog on protesters. One 50-year-old woman was football tackled from behind when she refused to move from in front of a truck. Some of the protesters didn’t act so civilly either.
Wow this is looking really good to pagans. Lets all be exactly right about everything and each of us can make a blog or website and tell everyone we are the cat’s meow. Hey, you might get somebody to agree and unite Christianity through rebuking the mindless hordes who pray to God daily. Yep. Ignorant, dumb, stupid people with small brains and terrible understandings of Scripture can still be saved because the have faith. Faith is not knowledge it is trust practiced. So if I see John 3:16 in a terrible translation of the Bible, say a New World Translation which is a cult translation, and believe that Jesus is promising me salvation and my simple, stupid, slightly retarded mind can comprehend the magnitude of a god becoming a man for argumentative scholars who now more than anyone ever has, my stupid, slow, barely functioning, incapacitated mind will be at ease because I took Christ at His word even though I’m uneducated, raised by liberals, and unable to speak well in front of others due to self esteem. My worthless mind will still be loved by a holy, loving, just God who just wants as many as possible to go to heaven because He does not enjoy the death of the wicked. So cults, idiots and people, who are really insane by nature (illogical creatures of self will) if those mongrels actually believe John 3:16 and take Christ at His word and really trust Him though they are slow, dumb and should be caged and fed only on occasion, these mongrels trusted God so He will save the mindless savage beasts who love Him and take Him at His word. Praise God. Though it is true God’s people die for a lack of knowledge, but knowledge puffs up and love edifies. So love more than you think you know, because Love is a logical, conceptual, integral part of schematics and all the theological basis of how to exercise compassion through what? Knowledge…surely not! Through loving people and knowing that no matter how illogically mindless they are they are worth love and deserve respect because even and educated theologian who knows more that all of his parishoners is a sinner and needs to trust God irregardless of his big ideas, theories, interpretations or lockdown on the Bible itself which so many claim to have. I wisely do not claim to have it and know I am more stupid than any man, most definitely a homegrown, imbread, city wanderer who wouldn’t even know how to breathe unless someone wrote a theological treatise on it discussing the varying methods with weight, justice and the American way! Amen and God bless theologians above all because they and only they know what scripture really means. They are the leaders of our cult because their interpretation is binding and unquestionable in all ways. Praise God for them!
If you care to understand what “I” believe, you can go back and read the articles I’ve published since January.  When you have a “brown dwarf” heading straight toward earth (albeit on an elliptical path) and imminent warnings of a possible “pole shift”, you have a tendency to “rethink” things a little.  Particularly when these events were prophesied in the 2nd Book of Esdras, Chapter 15, with verse 40 mentioning the “Horrible Star” and the events in Egypt reading like a “newspaper” in prior verses.
In, God’s Two-Minute Warning, Pastor Hagee confidently states, “I believe that we have arrived at the “two-minute warning” on God’s clock. Unlike the players in a professional football game, we do not know how much time we have left. What we do with the time remaining will make all the difference in the world…and in eternity. It is vital we live every day for Him.”