The Bible very clearly says in Joel the 2nd chapter, “I will show wonders in the heavens.” That’s a declaration that means that God wants us to see the things that are happening in heaven. “I will show you wonders in the heavens. The sun will not give its light.” That’s the solar eclipse that’s happening Friday. “And the moon shall be turned to blood.” Now, that’s where I got the title of the book. Jesus himself said in the Gospel of Luke, “I will show you wonders in the heavens: the sun, the moon, and the stars. And when you see these signs in the heavens, lift up your heads and rejoice, your redemption draweth nigh.” So Joel says it. Joel’s words are repeated exactly and acts in the second chapter. Jesus repeats that message in Luke the 21st chapter. So you have a three-fold biblical confirmation that these signs in the heavens are gods billboards that something big is about to happen on planet earth.
Ruhling is a child of Hell, a pompous moron pig wallowing in the mud of Paul which he thinks is light, spitting at his master Paul and yet standing by his beloved Pharisee master Paul all the while claiming to serve the Son of God when in fact Paul is the anti-Christ teaching doctrine in opposition to the word of the Son of God. Ruhling thinks he is purified and sanctified by God through belief in Paul’s word, through worship at a church on the Sabbath, he is among the MANY who are so stupid, so blind that even in Heaven before the Son of God Ruhling and the MANY that shall be with him shall argue with the Son insisting he must know them, dogs absolute dogs (Matthew 7:22-23).
“They relate to the State of Israel and the Bible because each of these blood moons appears either on Passover or the feast of tabernacles,” Hagee added, speaking of the last four blood moons. “Those are on exact dates that God himself established in the Old Testament thousands of years ago. Only God can get the Earth, the sun, and the moon in an alignment on a specific day that he predicted thousands of years ago. That is the unique mystery of this film and of this book.”
We also would encourage you to talk with your pastor about your abuse, whether physical or emotional or both. See if your husband will get help for handling his anger in a proper way. Every effort should be made to get Christian psychological help so that further abuse can be avoided and the marriage can be healed. If there are children involved, they should be included in the restoration process as well. Prayer and pastoral counseling, along with psychological therapy, can accomplish much.
But those who are used to pleasing the flesh; of plotting their own course whether it agrees with the Word of God or not; of walking by sight, will most likely do just exactly what they are being urged to do: take up arms.  What about those who do succumb and take up arms against the antichrist?  Are they walking in obedience to God’s Word?  Or are they having their itching ears tickled by the wolves?  What does the Bible say?
“The correlation between (the blood moons) and the Hebrew holidays are very interesting,” Cahn said. “The occurrence of the blood moons on these Jewish holidays occurred only a few times in the past 2,000 years. Some of these, in the early Middle Ages, are hard to connect to significant dates. But the last three, the Spanish expulsion, the birth of Israel and the regaining of Jerusalem, are all very significant dates in Jewish history and, in the case of two of these, in end-time prophecy.”

For American evangelicals like Hagee, 1967 was a miraculous event with prophetic significance. It reinvigorated their enthusiasm for Israel. Before 1967, the coalition of American support for the Jewish State was comprised primarily of Jews and mainline protestants. Leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Reinhold Niebuhr formed the base of Christian support.

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Mark Biltz is founder of El Shaddai Ministries located in Bonney Lake, Washington. John Hagee is founder of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. Both organizations are non-denominational. The two men have met and agree that the tetrad is a warning from God. They see a prophetic correlation between the tetrad and two of God’s festivals outlined in Leviticus 23—the Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles.
You become a hybrid Fred AlphonzoMuhomaZipski. These anonymous thieves can create fake birth certificates, licenses and Social Security cards using your information. They can apply for and receive government benefits in your name. They can create fake identities and passports to sell to illegal aliens trying to cross the border and live in the United States. They can obtain jobs and abuse the healthcare services in your name. They can open bank accounts, credit cards and take out mortgages. They can file taxes and even claim your dependents on their returns. They can trash your credit rating.
Mr. Armstrong explained, “And now I want you to realize a most important fact, bearing on our problem, which most of you never realized before. Haven’t you supposed, along with nearly everyone else, that Jesus spoke in parables in order to make His meaning clearer—as a sort of illustration, so that people would better understand His meaning? Well, you have supposed wrong! On the contrary, believe it or not, Jesus spoke in parables to cover up, to hide the true meaning from the crowds that constantly followed Him! This knowledge puts in our hands the key that will unlock these symbols of the book of Revelation” (ibid). Study Matthew 13:1-13 to prove what Mr. Armstrong teaches here. Pay particular attention to verse 11.
I applaud Hagee for not trying to pinpoint the year or time when Christ will come for His people. The day and hour will be hidden, but those living during the Tribulation will have a fairly good idea when He will return in judgment for they will have a seven year time span to work within. In discussing Mark 13:32, he speaks of millions vanishing (104), which will not happen during the Tribulation.
Hagee, along with pastor Mark Biltz, promoted the blood moon prophecy. Hagee wrote about the prediction in his 2013 book, "Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change." The prophecy stated that a tetrad which began with the April 2014 lunar eclipse was a sign of the end times as described in the Bible. The tetrad ended with the lunar eclipse on September 27–28, 2015. Hagee and Biltz's speculations did gain mainstream media attention in publications such as USA Today and The Washington Post.[38][39] The prediction was criticized by both scientific sources and other Christians.[40][41][42]
Dr. John C. Hagee is the founder and Pastor of Cornerstone Church, a non-denominational, evangelical church, in San Antonio, Texas. Hagee took the helm of this church when it was the 25-member Church of Castle Hill, in San Antonio. That church–rebuilt to seat 5,000 and dedicated in October, 1987, as Cornerstone Church–now has a membership of over 17,000. Dr. Hagee is married to Diana Castro Hagee, and is blessed with five children: Tish, Christopher, Christina, Matthew and Sandy, and three granddaughters.