A assembly of confederated nations united with the 8th head is the new superpower, » another “Babylon” (the meaning of Babylon is confusion) « will be the centre of prefigured prosperity and security and the centre of infidelity, “socialism-communism”, and false spiritualism. The head with the spirit of Antichrist is the summing up and concentration of the entire world evil that pre-ceded. It is the eighth head, but yet one of the seven (Rev 17:11).
Though I agree with most of what Hagee says concerning Tribulational events, his confusion of passages that concern the rapture of the church with passages that speak of the Tribulation and revelation of Christ mars chapters 6 and 7 (101-30). He quotes 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 right alongside Matthew 24, not recognizing they are speaking of different events. 1 Thessalonians 4 explains the nature of Jesus’ coming for His church and the translation of the church into His presence. On the other hand, Matthew 24 tells of events that transpire prior to the coming of the “Son of Man . . . with power and great glory” (Matt. 24:30). The 1 Thessalonians 4 passage speaks of the church meeting Christ in the clouds in their resurrection bodies. The coming of Christ in Matthew (24:27) is a very visible coming in judgment, and we know from elsewhere in Scripture, to the earth.
I do not disagree with the fact that various signs will occur before Jesus comes in judgment, but I believe it is less than certain that these signs need to occur prior to the Tribulation; there are no signs pointing to the rapture of the church. Nothing has hindered Christ from coming these past two thousand years. There is more than adequate time for all these signs, even the establishment of the nation of Israel and the return of the Jews, after the Rapture and the rise of Antichrist.
I want to thank you for your time and for your love, or should I say His love in you. You, and so many other men and women of G-d are on my heart and in my prayers and I am not trying or have not tried to convince you, or any of these people in so many different denominations and theologies of anything. When I made the statement that upset you to some pastors who honestly and earnestly seek Him, their reaction was different. Their theology probably was or their meaning of my words affected them differently. Semantics is a rabbit hole that usually leads us to waste the precious little time we have left to get some souls out of here before this age ceases and this place blows up.
Hagee is a compelling writer (far more than Biltz's Blood Moons book), and at times his enthusiasm is contagious. But despite his insistence that this work is based on Scripture, he has two glaring errors: (1) the Scriptures he notes have additional signs as well (such as the stars going dark) for which he does not account, and (2) nowhere does Scripture say that four consecutive lunar eclipses is significant--this is an occurrence he has decided must have importance due to its rarity. Furthermore, the Joel 2 and Revelation 6 prophecies seem to be speaking of a singular event, not a recurring event.
“On the biblical Hebrew calendar, it was Elul 29, the Day of the Shemitah, to strike a nation’s financial realm,” Cahn said. “So the greatest crashes in American history, up to those days, each happened on the exact same biblical day, the day that just happened to be appointed to strike a nation’s financial realm, and exactly seven biblical years apart to the very day and the very hours.”
Hagree graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio with a Bachelor of Science in History and Education in 1964. He was on a football scholarship and appeared on the academic dean's List. Hagee received a master's degree in educational administration from the University of North Texas in Denton in 1966 and completed his theological training at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie.[2]
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“I searched the Scriptures for a new revelation with that specific question in mind and came to two verses that shouted out to me!” Hagee continues. He then quotes Joel 2:31 and Acts 2:20 (which is the Apostle Peter’s quote of Joel 2:31). Explains Hagee, “The sun, moon and stars are unmistakably connected to Israel and biblical prophecy—and that connection inspired this book. God will use them to light up the heavens with an urgent, top-priority message for all mankind.”
You stated that “the rapture” was a “theological concept developed just a couple of hundred years ago”. However, scripture clearly teaches that Jesus Christ will return to “catch up” the dead in Christ along with those in Christ who are alive. So, the rapture is not in question. What has been wrongly propagated is the “timing” of such. The “pre-tribulation rapture” is false doctrine and teaching and was developed just a hundred years ago. The truth of scripture is that Jesus Christ will return after the tribulation, but before the wrath (vials) of God is poured out on the world. I Cor 15::50-53, Matt 24:29, Rev 15 & 16. Surely God has made this evident to you by now, if indeed His spirit is your teacher.

“The dramatic and unprecedented planetary climate change is something on the level of the apocalyptic predictions of the Bible,” McGuire said. “We’re on the verge right now, because of climate change, of massive food and water shortages, which could affect tens of millions of people worldwide because of the droughts that have occurred. The intense heat and water shortages have dried up the crops, and we are going to see that play out in the near future because of all the freak weather.”
You will enjoy this series by Pastor Matt as he explains the true meaning of the word “apocalypse” and how it affects us today. God is waiting to unveil a mystery in your life, the thing that concerns you most. Find out how close we are to the rapture and who will be deceived by the Antichrist. Consider the signs of the times in our current society. Our modern culture, economy, political structure and spiritual outlook could cause a chain reaction that would bring the world as we know it crashing down, setting the stage for the Antichrist. We may be closer than you think!
This is when this story changes from one about a stubborn rancher refusing to comply with a law he sees as unjust, to one about an increasingly militarized government, and politicians that selectively enforce the law. It becomes a story about militias and people willing to travel across the country and put their lives on the line to defend a rancher they have never met—and a nation primed to erupt with racial violence.
When I said that haSatan was “teaching” Eve, he was and she did learn his ways and he used YHWH’s Words to beguile her. He still uses thousands upon thousands of of “teachers” in denominations and cults, or whatever you want to call them, to “teach” YHWH’s Word to beguile Christians to think they are saved when they are not. He also beguiles people into being believers and not followers. The demons believe He is who He is but they surely are not His followers. They are following the doctrines of human “teachers”, beguiled themselves by a religious spirit.
Now that I have offended a whole lot of other people I will conclude with something a friend of mine. who realized that the thousands upon thousands of Dollars he wasted on Theological Schools, said to me: (others have also said that same thing) When we stand in judgement before The Lord one of the things we’ll hear ourselves saying over and over is “Oops, I guess I got that one wrong also.”
The media has tried any number of tactics to discredit a very clearly written passage which states that Christians are to obey the civil authorities whether they agree with them or not.  There have been attempts to “prove” to Christians that Romans 13 doesn’t pertain to “tyrants” or “evil rulers.”  There’s some of that going on in this article as well.

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You are technically right, but what a shame that you don’t hear preaching like this in most Sabbath-keeping churches. People need a warning and this satisfies a real need. The theology can get sorted out later if people will read teh Bible and not follow a man which is too easy to do. We should be like the Bereans who “searched the Scriptures whether those things were so,” Acts 17:11.

Pastor Hagee was given the “Humanitarian of the Year” award by the San Antonio B’Nai B’Rith Council. It was the first time in the Council’s history that this award has been given to a gentile. Dr. Hagee was also honored with the ZOA Israel Award by U.N. Ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick, with recognition from the Jewish Community of Dallas, Texas. Mayor Kathy Whitmire set aside a special day of honor, declaring Pastor John C. Hagee Day in Houston, Texas.